Our International Partners

Specialist solicitors with focus on:

  • Real estate law
  • Tenancy law
  • Company law
  • Tax law

On personal request, we would be pleased to designate very qualified firms known from long-time cooperation.

These firms operate across borders in Germany and Belgium and in the area of Aachen-Köln-Düsseldorf.


 DEMDA (German tenants database) is a database containing information of different sources summarized into a comprehensive and meaningful information platform for secure rentals in Germany. It focuses on notorious rent evaders, problem tenants and rent nomads. The database is continuously updated in real time. Thus DEMDA KG, with the DEMDA-Tenentcheck, offers comprehensive tenant information for private landlords, property developers, property managers and brokers.

 regiogen® is a network of people, companies, clubs, art sites and organisations in our region that has been in existence since May 2010. regiogen® has made it its mission to highlight the diversity of our region. The members form a community, thus enhancing your presence in the region and contribute to make you more active.

 A deposit insurance in EUROKAUTION is the modern alternative for the conventional deposit in Germany. Compared to a cash deposit or a deposit passbook, the tenant can keep their money in a deposit insurance and use it for their own needs or necessary purchases. But they only have to pay a small annual fee, the amount of which depends on the deposit. The landlord is comprehensively protected and saved of administrative burden resulting from the settlement of deposit accounts.

 Anyone living in rented accommodation in Germany must usually deposit 2-3 months rent in cash as a security deposit. Instead of cash or savings account, you can alternatively just deposit the guarantee certificate of the DEUTSCHEN KAUTIONSKASSE as collateral with your landlord. This gives you your liquidity!

 I.P.I. (L'Institut professionnel des agents immobilier) is an organization governed by public law in Belgium. The essential task is the strict approval of qualified real estate brokers in Belgium. In addition, the Institute regulates the strict terms and conditions between customers and real estate brokers in Belgium. In Belgium, the pursuit of the real estate profession without approval by I.P.I is forbidden by royal decree.

 IMMOBILIENSCOUT24 is the largest German Internet marketplace for real estate. With over 10 million visitors per month, the site is also by far the most visited real estate for sale or for rent site in the German-speaking Internet. The company is based in Berlin and has over 600 employees. IMMOBILIENSCOUT24 has successfully operated in the Internet for over 10 years.

 As a subsidiary of Axel Springer Digital Classifieds and the media group Madsack, IMMONET is a far-reaching platform for real estate agencies, as well as the basis for the modern real estate search by purchase or rental at home and abroad
IMMONET offers a marketing network including over 100 portal partners, so that your property for sale or rental is found everywhere.

 KALAYDO is the large regional online advertising portal for all areas of life. Whether job offers, purchase or rent of real estate, new and used cars or classifieds - on KALAYDO people find everything they are looking for - in your area and in a range of over 1,000,000 ads.

 BELLEVUE offers mainly the sale of high-quality real estate in the upper price segment at home and abroad, on the Internet and in its regularly appearing magazine in the magazine trade.

 IMMOWEB is Belgium's leading real estate portal for real estate in Belgium. IMMOWEB has been in existence since 1996 and offers real estate of all kinds for sale and for rent in Belgium.

 GRENZECHO is the Internet portal for the region of East Belgium, among other things for the sale and rental of real estate of all kinds. GRENZECHO is linked to all major media in this region.

and many more… Simply give us a call!